If you have care needs, the local authority can help fund some or all of the costs. All you need to do is contact your local Adult Social Services department and they will come out and assess your needs.

Direct Payments

You may be entitled to direct payments from social services. Direct payments are cash payments given to the service users who have been assessed as needing community care services, they give the individual more choice in who they want as their carer. The payment must be sufficient to enable the service user to purchase services to meet their eligible needs, and must be spent on services that meet eligible needs. For further information about Direct Payments click here.

State Benefits
  • Attendance Allowance – AA is not means tested, it is available for those aged over 65 and have care needs due to mental or physical disabilities. For further information on Attendance Allowance, click here.
  • Disability Allowance – Disability Living Allowance is similar to Attendance Allowance but is only available to those aged from 16 to 64 and need help with walking or personal care, and who have physical or mental disability. DLA has been replaced with a new benefit call Personal Independence Payment, it is designed to help you meet some of the extra costs you may have because of a long-term health condition or disability. For further information about Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment, click here.
Continuing Care

Continuing Care is arranged and funded by the NHS. The care provided can take place outside the hospital in any setting, for example, the client’s home or care home. The person must have complex needs and substantial ongoing care needs to be eligible. For further information on Continuing Care, click here.

Paying Privately

If you do not qualify for any social care funding you can pay for your care privately. If you are eligible for funding you may wish to pay privately for a few extra hours or a top up to support your existing support.

If you feel you need further help or advice on funding or benefits please call our office on 07484 748 759 to speak to our Specialist Benefit Advisor.